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It's that time again, kids!...


I'm actually doing much better. Not great, but better than I have been in two years because Dad's doing better. He's medicated, he's lucid...he needs a LOT more help psychologically, but he's no longer living in a state of constant psychosis.

The only thing is that I've been so ambitious that I've stretched myself a little thin. I think the biggest problem is keeping muses I'm wholly engaged in, so I'm going to take a good, solid look at the roster, be honest with myself...let's see who makes the cut. :P



ALLISON ARGENT:Chose the GIF on purpose, because Allison's current default status is "bugnuts crazy for Jason Todd." There's been a date, there's been weapons...there's been pleasantly inappropriate behavior. She's even gone so far as to admit to herself that not only is she capable of falling in love again, but that Jason is someone she could love very easily...blood on his hands and all. At the same time, she's still looking up to the Red Hood...and maybe in deeeeeep denial about just how much fun she has poking at him. No, she doesn't know Jason IS the Hood, but it's going to be a LOT of fun exploring her pull towards both sides of Jason embodied in his civilian identity and his alter ego when she does learn the truth.

Then, of course, there's the fact that she's developing an alter ego of her own.

Originally, I had a plot planned to make Allison into a vigilante, but she's sort of run away from me in that respect. What started as skulking around at night, now and again, has turned into patrolling, has turned into acquiring new weapons, has turned into actual vigilante activity. She's already run into Oliver Queen while cutting up a gangbanger...yeah, she's INTO this.

As in, she has a name and she's thinking of a costume.

So now I'm tweaking the plot I had for her, I'll submit it to the mods (I think?) so others can play, and she also just got her first item (here if anyone wants to tag in, :P). Said item will bring revelations about her ancestry because I'm on crack and Sarah is a bad influence on me. :P

STATUS: Oh, she's STAYING. Fuck da police.

...and speaking of police...

SHERIFF STILINSKI: NO, it's not a GIF, but such bitchface. So glorious. Wow.

Al's kind of in a holding pattern? But pleasantly chatty. He's RIDICULOUSLY content to be the dad and hang with pals and smooch with his girlfriend. He's probably going to see more activity when his boy's plot picks up speed, and apparently a serial killer is taunting the cops, but otherwise he's having a gay ol' time. He is actually teaching Stiles to shoot, and he has actually adopted Derek Hale (in his mind, don't argue), and the only thing he could want more out of life is to spend time with Scott because he REALLY WANTS SCOTT TO APPROVE OF HIM FOR HIS MOM 'CAUSE MELISSA MCCALL IS A HOTTIE.

Only, y'know, in Sheriff-Speak. >.>

Right now, plans are to focus a little on his relationship with Melissa (HOW HAVE WE STILL NOT WRITTEN SEX YET THESE TWO ARE SO ADORBS BLESS THEIR FACES), and to maybe make him chief of police. This will be an actual PLOT with APPROVAL FROM MODS and THINGS HAPPENING, so first I have to actually figure that out. Definitely going to be after Allison's plot, though, so maybe I can use elements from that to figure into writing his inevitable takeover. :P

STATUS: Totally safe, but rewatches close to tagging-time definitely make him louder.


Bruce odd muse. He's not very loud, but when I get going with him, he's very good about talking to me. And his plate is full in the City, too: there's been talk about reforming the Avengers, Darrow-style, he went to Steve Rogers' birthday party without breaking anything, he even got a vacation from the Other Guy for a few days!

...oh, and he might have slept with his best friend, Kenzi.

The two have since decided to see if they can work out a relationship. Technically, Bruce can't be intimate without transforming, and Kenzi's got her own healthy dose of heartbreak to work through, but the two are tenuously agreeing that "more than friends" properly classifies them. This, of course, leads to plans involving finding a way they can be together physically...and will, of course, require lots of transforming. I know I sort of let Bruce's thread drop, but pretty much anyone that ran into him the day of his 'incident' post-power switch plot? Yeah...he could probably use your help learning more about how to make the Other Guy behave. Bruce is also going to aid in another plot come August involving slugs and superpowers and tons of sciencey things that will keep him amused for YEARS to come. Which is good, now that he's also working at Darrow Amalgamated Labs, so. :P

STATUS: Problem child, but safe. I think I need a rewatch of THE AVENGERS, and maybe to surf the Bruce Banner tag on Tumblr more. Graphics give me feels.

JEREMY DANVERS: When I brought him in, I was really excited about him. He was going to build his own little pack, he was going to have his family with him...hell, he was going to nudge his idiot children together so he could have his grandchildren back GDI! He would draw in the park and do commissions to make ends meet for a while, he'd learn more about his rune magic abilities...

...yeah, it's not happening.

Jeremy just isn't speaking to me at all right now, and my lack of ability to write for him is making me anxious, and impacting the rest of my muses. And I have a plethora of others who are just begging to play, so of my problem children...yeah, Jeremy's future looks bleak.

STATUS: On the chopping block. Honestly? I'm writing another couple of apps right now and making reqs for my other kids. If I can't get him to talk by then? I'm gonna have to drop him. Le sigh.

* * * * * * * * * *

And because I've taken on a couple other games recently? Let's do a State of the Pups for my other comms for fun and keeping track!


ALLISON ARGENT: One and only pup here, and she's doing VERY well. And, of course, by 'well' I mean that she's having second thoughts about losing Scott, she was a boy for a few days and has been re-evaluating her life, AND I just recently killed her so now she's down with the death toll blues.

Oh, thank GOD someone is apping Isaac. My poor girl has EARNED a moment to be happy. XD


Derek Hale: Derek is in a RIDICULOUSLY good place. He has a pack, he loves his new Alpha, and his uncle is in the city for him to punch stupid! Dad's recent hospital stay has rendered me a bit inert over there, since I can't get my phone or tablet to really like LJ at all, but truthfully? I don't owe that much in terms of tags. Some 4th of July stuff, and I have two logs going for him, plus one thread with Rebekah. I may move to try and wrap some of the 4th of July things, then address Rebekah so I can focus on my logs at work.

Allison Argent: She's currently involved in the Mass Arrival plot, and logs for that are underway! I'm just waiting for my turn and INSANE excited to play her in Gotham for reasons.


So that's it! Anything you want from me forthcoming? Comment. Profit. COME AT ME BROS.
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