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Why is it the more I love someone's brain online, the more blatantly I want to hump their leg?

Yes, I am a weirdo. This is news?

In other news: 5,000 words. Yup. IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN.
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I didn't want to post before I had a picture on my comp that I could use, but...

Penny Marie Carlie
1998 - 2008

Penny was our second oldest cat, a tabby/calico with the sweetest nature you ever saw, and she was beautiful beyond words. There's so much I could say about her, but I'm exhausted and I swear I'll do this right later on...

A respiratory infection got the better of her on the 22nd of November and we had to have her put down. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and it was only made worse by the fact that one of my other cats was recently diagnosed with liver cancer...more on that later.

On a brighter note? I'm a NaNo Winner for the fifth year running. 50,150 and growing, but the work overall is complete, beginning to end. I suck at updating recently, and I suck more at saying so little about this year's NaNo, but I DID IT!

And I dedicated the novel to Penny's memory. It's kind of funny, two years ago I did the same thing for Ramona when she died. At least they're together now.

Anyway, it's time for me to sleep. I earned it. ;)

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-NaNo has begun. All/most posts pertaining to the madness will go in my writing journal, [ profile] onthe_8thday. Friend if you dare. :P

And as for my only other random...

Ramona Quimby Carlie

One year ago, I lost a pet, a mother, and a sister when my cat died. Those of you who know me well...or at all...knew Ramona by proxy. She was the caretaker of my family, my best friend, and a major part of my life. Hell, she was even a character in some of my writing.

A stroke ultimately ended her life...her heart threw a clot, and she ended up paralyzed from the waist down. She just got old, and her time came. We had no choice but to put her down and end her suffering.

If you never had a pet, or a pet you got close to, you don't understand the pain that comes with this kind of loss, or the joy that they can bring you. You don't understand the humanity that an animal can have, or how the bond you form with them runs as deep, if not deeper, than the bonds of blood that bind a family.

Ramona saw me through my mother's death. She was one of the first people I talked to when I finally began to confront the fact that my dad and my brother were abusing me emotionally. She let me hold her as I cried through every vicious fight, climbed in my lap every time I felt the most alone.

I couldn't do anything to save her. I didn't get a real chance to say goodbye, and thanks to my father and my brother, I still haven't had my own chance to grieve for her. So today, I'm doing the only thing I can for the second most important person in my life next to my mom.

I'm making sure that nobody forgets her.

So I guess it's kind of fitting that today, All Soul's Day, is the anniversary of the day she died. They say that no one ever dies if you remember them...I'd like to think that there's a lot of people who read this thing, and if everyone who does read it could just think about her today...just once, just for a'd be like having her back again for just a minute.

Rest in peace, girlie...and don't drive Mom too crazy.

I love you, Mona Belle.
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Days suck. Especially this one. More later, me no like talk now.

I've seen people remarking on NaNo, so...*adds name to list* This'll be numberrrrr...five for me. Fifth NaNo, fourth novel. Wowzers. I'm like...a veteran now. And stuff. :P

So, anyhoozle, for those interested in my progress? Here's *my* journal for NaNo and other writerly-ness: [ profile] onthe_8thday. A comm makes posty-ness easier. :P

This year my novel's gonna be way least as far as I can tell. I'm actually...get this...NOT writing a fantasy/sci-fi novel. I know...shocker, right?

This year it's a straight mystery, and...well...friend the comm. I'll be posting info fairly soon about the foundations of...stuuuuuuff. :P

Anyhoozle, gotsa go...Tim's bitching about dinner.

Days suck? But brothers suck worse.

*MWAH* Loves to my peepz, bitches! Hee!
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For one and NaNo progress. And you read it right...TWO novels, bitches.



This bad boy will be here at the top 'til the end of the line, folks. Stay tuned to this space and watch me do the INSANE. :P

ETA: This year, both of my novels are being written in loving memory of Ramona Carlie, who I featured as a character in last year's novel, SPEAK FOR THE DEAD.
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If you happen to be working on some creative writing project, fanfiction or NaNaWriMo or what have you, post exactly one sentence from each of your current works in progress in your journal.

I'm cheating...but I have to. I love my muses, and this is my favorite passage from the book. :P

From ON THE EIGTH DAY, my NaNo novel (WHICH WON....50,360 and rising, bitches!!!) where the protagonist Alpha One tries to cope with being self-aware. In the women's locker room of the military base where he's being held, two female officers have come to his aid. Alpha One, a rather attractive male specimen, has removed his shirt to have a belly wound treated when one of the girls spots him.

Just then Toni appeared from around a bank of lockers, a camo jacket in hand. “Found one…*whoah.* How hot is he?”

“Ninety eight point six degrees.” Alpha One replied helpfully.


And for the record...I live. Sorta. RL update later.


So...who wants to read it? :P
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So I'm no longer writing a PC novel for NaNoWriMo.

I'm still tackling two novels at once, campers, but lo and behold, I think I may actually have something that could...*gulp* marketable.

It's called ON THE EIGTH DAY...and if any of you out there who RP with me have ever heard the name Cain Abraham or Alpha One, you'll know *exactly* what's going on there.

Bob had the Man from Mars...I have a cloned supersoldier.

And that's all you'll get from MY happy ass until 11/01. *nods*

*runs away giggling*
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- Dean from Gilmore Girls is giving me Paddywhack love. SOMEONE HELP ME.

- Luke is still grouchy and sorta cute and ALL MINE.

- OMG PRISON BREAK TONIGHT!! [ profile] lollobrigida, if Linc gets much hotter, Kate is going to assault someone with a deadly weapon if she does not get laid. *nods*

- [ profile] _crow_chick_ is a lucky, lucky bitch who pwnz the hell out of Gerard. And me. LUCKY BITCH ZOMGZ

- It's NaNoWriMo time again, campers...and I STILL can't decide what I want to do about it. Last year, those of you familiar with the world of Paranormal Crimes got a look at my first complete manuscript in that universe, but this year? The muses are telling me I wrote that book too soon...there are stories that need to be told before Cain's in SPEAK FOR THE DEAD, and the first story that needs to be told is Artie's, given that he's such a central part of the PC universe. So, I think I'll be writing his story this year...I'll need a whole novel just to lay the PC universe out in a remotely understandable fashion.

Then, of course, there's THE STORY...[ profile] artemis1701, I think you know about it. The Vindicis novel. It's been brewing in my head for a year, and it's begging to be written.

Long story short? Ladies and gentlemen...I may be going for two novels again this year.

I did it in '04, too, and only finished one, but honestly? I feel REALLY good about both of these novels...I'm really tempted to try them both and see what I can do. Now, I'm aware this is suicide, and I need to be talked out of it...

Nothing else to add there, really. It's suicide. And I need to be talked out of it. *nodnodnod*

- Yom Kippur pwnz. I'm going to make icons and do muse challenges all day. And tag...ohhh, the tags I owe...

- *listens to more RUSH*
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50,012 / 50,000

BOOYAH, mothatruckas!!! I continue to labour over my little brainchild, but now comes the big question...should I post it here?

Time for my first poll, ladies and's hoping I did it right. That said...


[Poll #614188]
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37,156 / 50,000

The moral of the story? I need to model my protagonists after Foxy/Jack and Josh/Sawyer MUCH more often. *nodnodnod*
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...reccomend some music to me. I need a good soundtrack for NaNoWriMo that'll get my fingers *moving.* I'm *this close*, peoples. See?

29,764 / 50,000

If you'd like to customize any suggestions, I'm writing a supernatural romance/mystery.

*spreads arms and tilts face up to the sky, waiting for it to rain music recs*


Nov. 9th, 2005 03:48 pm
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This is what happens when your characters bitchslap you for slacking off. *nodnod*

21,761 / 50,000
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15,952 / 50,000

Like the tortoise, I plug away, steady but sure. :P
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Novel: Speak For The Dead

6,857 / 50,000

It's NaNo, folks...and still I press on. :P


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