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I have GOT to listen to RUSH more often. Seriously. Geddy and Neil and Alex...*sigh*

*sits back and soaks up SUBDIVISIONS* *mock conducts along like a goofball*

Somewhere out of a memory...a quiet street on a quiet night...

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Brought A Knife To The Gunfight

And if you go back to the post, I edited it...did I mention I typed those lyrics from memory? lol

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Feb. 14th, 2006 08:48 pm
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I promised [ profile] uberaeryn a song the other day for her FABULOUS fic Talking To The Sky...but this is Mother Superior. Liz is an MS whore. So...MS SONGSPAM!!!!

These are all from the self-titled album, which is where I got started back in the ancient age of 2000. Oddly enough, MOTHER SUPERIOR is their FOURTH album. First one? THE HEAVY SOUL EXPERIENCE OF MOTHER SUPERIOR. ;p

1)Fell For You Like A Child = this is the song that is featured in my header, and which kickass fic is named for. ;p I feel sexy just *listening* to this song...this bass line is why I want to marry Marcus Blake, and Jim Wilson's guitar and singing are why he pwnz my soul even more than Josh Holloway. *nods* Yes, it IS possible. :P

2)Whore = Because I am. An MS Whore. *nodnodnod* Mixing's kinda screwed up on it, but listen to that playing. Fabulous musicianship + rock 'n roll = MOTHER SUPERIOR.

3)Radio Sucks = And it so, so does...but this song is fucking amazing. This was the single from the album, and if you recognize the DJ for K-SUX, that's 'cause it's none other than Henry Rollins hisself. He also produced this album for MS, since they recorded it during the sessions for NICE, Henry's last album recording with MS moonlighting as the Rollins Band.

4)Sorrow Song = I think I've posted this in here before, but who cares? It's MS. ;p This is where the subtitle for my journal comes, and lyrics were features on my last header. This song is completely depressing lyrically...but when it's over, you're dancing. This is THE perfect song for your worst moods...dark enough to indulge you, upbeat enough to bring you out of it.

Download. Enjoy. Experience the magic of the heavy soul. ;p
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I have so little a real life that my world has narrowed to my mailbox.

I am expecting...

2) music/cappiness/goodies from my favorite River (read your stuff, goddamn you got her nailed!), [ profile] lollobrigida
3) jewelry, logs, and OMGMUSICSQUEE!!! from [ profile] artemis1701
4) Keith Urban-ness from his number one squeeing fangyrl, [ profile] uberaeryn

I have to send...

1) An MS GREATEST HITS burned CD and spare copies of my MS albums to [ profile] rogueapprentice and [ profile] artemis1701
2) [ profile] _crow_chick_ ;p
3) A (very) belated birthday card to Matt Tecu (MOTHER SUPERIOR's drummer)

And time to pimp my darling boys. Go here if you want to behold the first three songs of what will promise to be the greatest album of all time from future rock superstars MOTHER SUPERIOR. There is no shame in squeeing, or in chairdancing or singing along, even in the workplace. For the record, THIS SONG REMINDS ME OF YOU is my fave. :D

Fuck me...I need an MS icon. *scrabbles*
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Yes, you inmates are a lucky bunch. I give to pride and baby boys...MOTHER SUPERIOR!!! *pets the pretty rockers* Hee!

These are 2 of my fave MS songs, plus the one responsible for my journal, such as it is. Hee. This first one is the title track off of the album DEEP and actually, to me, a Sawyer song...Skate, Jawyer, Jateyer, it's him and his angst and it ain't pretty. ;D


The second one's my favorite MS song ever. Off the same album as the above, and one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard. These guys can rock...and their lead singer, Jim Wilson, can sing his friggin' ASS off. So can Marcus Blake, their bassist, who you can hear on the last half of the song.

I Saw The Sun

And the inspiration for my header among other things...from the self-titled album, I give you SORROW SONG. :D

Sorrow Song

*sits back to watch the MS converts roll in* Hee!


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