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-Hello, friendly friends. Yes, I am alive. No, I have not abandoned LJ, even if I have abandoned my paid account. (It expired...I have no money. Liz will get herself a brand new Petrelli-friendly layout when she wins the lotto...oh yesh...) And finally, yes Virginia...there *is* a Santa Claus. :P

-A little about home: Dad's in the hospital. Long story short? Another infection...sorta. Infection sent him there (under his own power, he scheduled an ambulance transport himself and did his own admitting...the whole nine yards), and turns out they found circulation issues in his leg. Not the lymphedema mind you...he's got arterial blockage, and today he's going in for an angiogram/angioplasty. The angiogram is an exploratory taking an x-ray of his veins. If they find the blockage isn't too bad, they insert a catheter and use a balloon to move the blockage and clear the way...that's the angioplasty part.

The fun side? He refuses to be awake for it...he's demanded that they put him under anesthesia. He *says* nothing can go wrong? But he basically drove himself into the hospital...most of you know the story, but for those who don't: he waited five and a half months for this thing with his leg to get this bad. Anyway, I no longer trust him. So...if you pray, just do me a favor today and warn God that Liz will be PISSED if anything happens to him. ;)

-In other news...about a week or so ago, I won $300 on the local radio. *insert cheering section here* It's like a payroll gimmick...they call a name every hour, and if you call in to accept, you get $100 an hour until the next person calls in when they get their name called. I registered...I got called. No one else called in for 3 hours, so I made some SHWEET bank. Oh yesh. My check's in the mail, so I'm just all bouncy to get it now. HEE!

-Why did I use this icon? BECAUSE IT'S FUNNY.

-I heart Wentworth Miller. And Milo Ventimiglia in all his short-haired buffness. [/end random love]

-I've been watching BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and the decision has come in: I need either a Kendra, Jenny Calendar, or Rupert Giles muse. That is all.

-I don't make icons anymore. Why is that? *decides to make icons*

-Okay, so who here shops at Target? *looks at show of hands* So, they have these dollar bins in front of the store, right? And the stuff there changes all the time. So they've been selling this really *awesome* dollar jewelry...bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. I picked up a BUNCH of cute stuff...some earrings shaped like angel's wings, a heart necklace, a fleur-de-lis necklace...

And then the other day I picked up another necklace that I thought looked cool. I wore it to the hospital to see Dad yesterday...and he says it's a Nazi symbol. The necklace has a symbol that looks like this, but without the swastika.

Now I have relatives that were in concentration dad's family is Jewish. I would never knowingly wear a Nazi symbol. But look? I did...Dad told me to look it up online, and I did, and until I saw it with the swastika emblem? It did NOT click with me that the necklace was an Iron Cross.

I got this at Target, peeps. TARGET. This HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT MOMENT has been brought to you by the letters W, T, F, and by the number in never again. Yeah, I'm taking that shit back.

-I'm on a huge Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, and Eagles kick lately. I must download tuuuuuunes.

-Speaking of Target...I now own an I <3 JIM mug. As in THE OFFICE. Why yes, I am awesome...thank you for noticing. :P

-And did I mention my Dwight Quote Pens? What? Yes, I am *also* made of win, thank you! ;p

-I think me and [ profile] rogueapprentice are STILL the only people on the planet who loved THE KILL POINT. We rock. And roll. All day long. SWEET SUZIE. [/end seekrit movie quote language]

-SAM/JO. WTF? SO RANDOM BUT SO GOOD. [/end seekrit message to You Know Who You Are]

-Okay, time to get some work done. And....stuuuuff. I don't post enough, I know...please collect your free pass to kick my ass into doing shit, right here. Line up, nice and orderly people...
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You win. Okay? You win. Because 50's era David Boreanaz is hot, Fred's adorable, I can't decide whether or not I like Darla...

And you have Lorne.

Who will PWN me 'til the day I die.

BUFFY will likely follow when I have money. You've been warned.


* * * * *

Dear F-List,

ANGEL?'s all your fault.

So where do the pics/screencaps worthy of graphic making live?


P.S.: [ profile] i_nevershutup...there's nothing there, but let's hear it, RP campers...who needs a Lorne? Anyone? Bueller?
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We have a stray cat that's adopted our house...we share a duplex type thing with our landlady, so it's taken to everyone.

This is a male cat...adorable little tabby and friendly as hell. Especially with women...he rolls around and begs to be petted and if you pick him up he snuggles *right* against the boobs. Yes, this is a VERY male cat. Plus he's made friends with my little girlkitty Princess. They sit at the screen door and talk.

So we have a little tom tabby who is charming as hell and loves the ladies.

I've started calling him Denny.

I know...I need help.
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Hi, remember me? I used to smear crazy all over the walls of LJ. Funny looking girl with icons, fic, and a spray can? Has also been known to troll around (in a nice way) wearing a clown wig and purple bike shorts...

Okay, so I don't wear purple bike shorts. But I *have* been sick lately, hence my pseudo-silence and lack of fannishness. But! Today is not just LOST Day. Oh no. No, today is also ALIAS Day, and for that we must rejoice and be glad. And furtheremore! Tomorrow is SUPERNATURAL Day, and all I can say without spoiling anybody is this:

Dear WB/Future UPN + WB Network,

Give Supernatural a second season. We need more angsty!Dean in this world. Furtheremore, do not fuck with my boy John Winchester or I will cut you with printer paper. There is no worse fate than death by papercuts.

Love and kisses,
Zaphod Me

But I digress...there's a new challenge going at [ profile] lost_challenge so I'll have some fresh icons from that up soon...yet there is much TV Goodness forthcoming. I must share some love with you today.

Under the cut! We have...

*8 Supernatural (show and actor)
*32 LOST (show and actor)

You know the drill...

-Daddy Winchester is a babe...(did I say that out loud?)


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Today I was at the drugstore. I bought a Batman PEZ dispenser.

Jarod would be proud.
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Yes, I bought them yesterday. All you SGA fans on my flist...shaddup. *shiftyeyes*

*sees Shep in black t-shirt for the first time*

Oh...oh my...I think...I....ahhh....hoo boy.

*is very close to being ded*

Somebody save me? Please?

*spirals down into fandom*

*goes looking for caps for iconing*
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I'm four episodes or so in...and I think HAUNTED will become my FIREFLY, aka my pet "OMG WHY DEY CANCEL MY SUPERKEWL SHOW!!11!1!!ONE!!!" series.

Simon is an ass...I wish he weren't dead so Frank could kill him again. *nods*

I watched for Foxy, and stayed for Russel Hornsby...he is is teh shiznit. I heart Marcus Bradshaw with all my earthly being, and I'm not even sure why. Not like I heart Foxy or Josh and want to jump their bones liekwhoah...he's just...mmmmm*glomps*


And in other news...

*wait for it....waiiiiiiit for it...*

IS IT NINE O CLOCK YET!?!?!?!?!?!?!?11!?!?!?!>!>!!!ONE!!!


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